Saturday, November 26, 2005

Shoes That Click to My Clack

I love Mr. Magoo.

The perennial favorite, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol thrilled me each December while I grew up, or rather got older (I’ve been told I’ve yet to grow up). But as an adult, the video, and later, DVD, were unavailable each Christmas when I looked. And I looked for several years.

My kids and even my husband could not understand my need to find what they considered an old, silly cartoon. When feeling nostalgic, they preferred Charlie Brown or Rudolph. And I enjoy those as well, but something about Mr. Magoo called to me and my search continued.

Last Christmas I found him. I bought both the DVD and VHS plus a couple extra to share with others. I rushed home and popped him in the player and curled up ready to enjoy.

It wasn’t long before I figured out the pull. I related to Mr. Magoo’s Scrooge on so many levels. And when young Ebenezer sang from his heart, the words came back in a rush and I sang along. There was a time I wondered if there would be shoes that clicked to my clack. I felt alone in the world quite often as a child in spite of my loving family.

But God never wastes a tear, even those shed during a cartoon. I know this tenderhearted mush has driven my family nuts at times but it has allowed me to understand my characters at a deeper level. Even when my writing lacked the mechanics needed to make a decent novel, readers still empathized with the characters.

Yet more important and immediate, it has allowed me to reach out to my students and their parents. I tease my class that they may not move doing the school year since their teacher has abandonment issues (imagine Kindergarteners going home and explaining abandonment issues to their parents). But the truth is we all long to belong, to fit in. Even the rebel who goes out of her way to be apart for fear she won’t fit in is really longing to find her place in the world. And I’m not talking a cookie cutter mentality but an acceptance of who we are, uniquely designed by our Creator to be.

It is not good for man—or woman or child—to be alone.

Mr. Magoo will always be my favorite Ebenezer Scrooge. But more important, I’m grateful for shoes that click to my clack and not being alone in the world. Thank you, Abba.

Abundant blessings,


Friday, November 25, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog...

They say change can be good. All I know is change makes things different and for a creature of habit like myself, that ain't good. But with a heart full of gratitude and the wonder of the season upon me, I'm stepping out and taking a chance. I've started a blog.

Now comes the part where I need something witty and clever to share with a reader, in case there is a reader.

Actually I think it is God Who is so witty. He knows just how to get my attention and share the moment. Like a couple weeks ago, it was my turn for bike rack duty at school. Outside, when I should be setting up my room, left me antsy. But, wouldn't you know it, I started to have fun watching the families arrive for school. Funny thing, so many are learning English as they go. The language they speak at home can vary from Spanish to Arabic to Vietnamese, to Romanian (you get the idea). Yet, I understood them as they passed by. Why? The smiles, the nods, the kisses on the cheek while the 6th grader squirms. Mom grins and rubbs the kiss in for safe keeping.

The snapshot in time that stuck with me, though, included a mom and two daughters. The girls pranced and skipped while mom held their hands, two backpacks slung over her shoulders, a smile gracing her face.

That's when God tapped me on the shoulder. He didn't need to say a word. I knew. I must look like that at times, skipping and prancing beside my Abba while He carries my heavy backpack. Those are times of rejoicing and delight for both of us. Of course, there are the days I want to be all grown up and independant and carry my backpack on my own. It doesn't take me too long, usually , to realize if I give the burden to my Abba, He will help me and lighten my step on this journey of life.

Yep, it’s funny how God changed bike rack duty into a shared moment of insight with Him. So, maybe change has its good points. Especially when walking along with my Abba, and letting Him carry the burdens. Of course, just because He made bike rack duty fun, doesn’t mean He’ll do the same for blogging—then again… So, if He gives me more, I’ll be back. Until then,

Abundant blessings,

Wednesday, November 23, 2005