Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This One's for Jen

Accent: Only in Ireland
Best personality trait: Jen says I’m an encourager. The jury is still out on whether that’s actually a personality trait.
Chore I hate: I’m with Jen on this—I detest housework. But I’d say scrubbing the bathtub is probably the most hated.
Dad's name: Richard
Essential make-up/skin care products: mascara—I have no eyelashes without it.
Favorite perfume/cologne: Totally addicted to Amarige by Givenchy.
Gold or silver?: Why do I have to choose?
Hometown: Kokomo—the town in Indiana, not the bar in the Caribbean
Interesting fact: How long do I beat this dead horse about Davy Crockett being my Great, great, great grandfather? Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t know? (Jen says that’s not too snarky, just funny so if you disagree, take it up with her. This was her idea anyway—luv ya Jen.)
Job title: Jill of all trades
Kids: Finally figured out where they come from.
Living arrangements: Hubby, me and our dog named Mack—well, we’re also dog-sitting for Chandler and Daisy
Mom's birthplace: Chicago
Number of apples eaten in the last week: Zip—what do I want with healthy food?
Overnight hospital stays: Five of my own—tons more if you consider the family members I’ve stayed with
Phobia: heights –don’t spend much times around kites either.
Question you ask yourself a lot: Where did I put that?
Religion: Christ follower
Siblings: one younger sister and two younger brothers (yes, that makes me the eldest, but I’m NOT old!)
Time I wake up: work schedule:5:00 a.m., summer schedule: whenever I feel like it (or when the dogs won’t let me sleep anymore)
Unnatural hair color: I’ve been blonde, red-headed, and a brunette.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Brussels sprouts—when did Brussels sprout anyway and how do we keep it from happening again?
Worst habit: Putting things off—but I’m good at it so that’s also a strength.
X-rays?: Which ones do you want to hear about—head to toe.
Yummy food I make: Cooking isn’t my forté but I make a mean trip to Taco Bell
Zingers: You say that like it’s a bad thing. (that’s really my hubby’s so I stole it)

So, who to tag, who to tag... Malia, you're up!

Abundant blessings!

Monday, June 12, 2006


The other day at church I was so taken by something I saw I had to come home and write about it. With Fathers’ Day so close on the horizon, I thought I’d share my experience with you. Oh, I do want you to know, I did not take this picture. I do not know who did or I would give gredit. Whoever did take the photo, I know he/she understands what I saw.

There is a man in our church, a new father for the fourth time. This man stands tall and imposing, easily mistaken for intimidating until he smiles and his face cleaves in friendship. I remember once watching as he leaned in to help a woman struggling between wheelchair and seat. With gentle firmness he guided her to her destination. She struggled, she worked, she breathed a sigh when landing on her chair. His moves were unobtrusive yet sure. When done, he melted quietly into the seat behind to continue in worship.

Another time this big man did something that made me cry. He picked up is newborn son and stood holding the tiny bundle to his chest, smiling down on helpless trust.

And I saw God.

A stalwart defender. A tender father. The warrior king. The protector.

I saw my Abba and was drawn close against His chest, deep into His heart. A picture of power, a glimpse of glory, an embrace of eternity. Safe and secure from all alarm. Hallelujah!

May you see glimpses of our loving Abba this week—when you least expect it and when you need it most.

Abundant blessings!

Monday, June 05, 2006

So You Want to Talk Grandmas?

You probably have a wonderful grandma, a terrific grandma.

But does she carry brass knuckles?

Mine does and she just celebrated her 100th birthday. Okay, so her real birthday isn’t until next month but, here in Arizona, who wants to party in the middle of July? Hence, my mom set the party for the first weekend in June. Family and friends from all over arrived, some actually meeting for the first time. GrammaDear, as my girls call her, was surrounded by those she loves and those who love her. Getting to one hundred years of age has its burdens as well as perks. GrammaDear has out-lived one spouse, all her siblings, one grandson, and one great-grandson. However, that only ensures a big celebration when she has her "Welcome to Eternity" party. They can keep planning awhile longer though, since we aren’t ready to say good-bye quite yet.

One thing became very apparent during our weekend celebration—GrammaDear has been a major influence on a lot of people, many who will never know her until they get to heaven. Here’s one tiny example: When my cousin Greg was a child, Gramma led him to the Lord. Greg, in turn, led a lovely young woman named Lynn to the Lord when they were both sixteen. A few years later, Greg and Lynn married and had two very beautiful daughters and Lynn led them to the Lord. Greg and Lynn’s daughters have both grown up and married godly men and are working in Christian ministries—Lindsay and her husband work with Young Life and Kristin and her husband are looking to leave for the foreign mission field, working with Campus Crusade. Imagine the number of lives they will touch all because one grandmother shared her heart with her grandson.

GrammaDear was surrounded by her four daughters, most of her grandchildren,
and several of her great grandchildren.
All of her daughters share her faith and the majority of the grandkids and great grandkids do as well. It is a testament to God’s promises for families.

Today as Phil and I were leaving for home, I got to stop and talk with Gramma one more time. It was like a mutual fan club meeting, sharing how much we love each other. But then she put her hands on my face and said, “The best part is we both love the Lord and we will be together in His Kingdom forever.”

She carries brass knuckles and she’s one hundred years old, but that last part makes my grandma the best.

Abundant blessings!