Monday, January 09, 2006

Round Robin Story part 9 - Hey we still need a title!

So maybe I'm starting to like writing suspense. Just don't tell, okay? I've added in another one of the requirements--you'll see it as you read. And, of course, if you haven't read the previous posts, go to Jen Tiszai's blog (the link is at the side--Sonoran Saga)and she has all the links for all the other posts on her part 8. (She's gone to bed and isn't available to help me with html--a language I've yet to conquer.)

So, here's part nine. Enjoy! Oh, and abundant blessings!

So, here she was, dangling like a worm on a hook. Sarah shuddered. What had she been thinking?

“The map we found under Chas, he had apparently grabbed from his sister Emily. Of course the dog had gotten to it before we did. But after we cleaned it up, we got a map of the meeting places. It looked like Emily was listing them for Chas.” Kyle’s voice was a little stactic-y in her earpiece. Not comforting in the least.

“If we don’t get a nibble, we’ll try another spot. There are several on the map. By the way, we think she saw him attacked and that Emily is the target. Chas probably got in the way.”

Way to go, Kyle. You sure know what to say to make a girl feel safe.

Knowing she was wearing a wire and had police all over the place watching her did little to help her nerves.

She crossed her ankles and tried to get comfortable on the park bench. The desert, only a couple hours from the beach, was hot enough to fry an egg. If it weren’t for the fact she was sure she’d have to do a lot of walking, she’d have stuck with her flip-flops.

Though her sleazy romance novel remained open, it was more to hide her talking back to Kyle. He must have contacts all over the place.

Crackle. “Someone is coming up along the bike trail.”

“Thanks for the warning, Kyle.”

The biker went on past.

Pretty soon a mom pushing a baby stroller wandered along. “Mind if I sit a moment?”

What could she say? “Sure, no problem.” Sarah scooted over.

“Keep your eyes peeled, Sarah.” Kyle’s voice made her jump.

“It sure is a hot one. I try to get out and walk with the baby every day to get rid of the last few pounds.”

Sarah nodded politely. She wouldn’t be much good as bait if she sat there talking with this new mother.

“Oh, I love your nail polish. What do you call that color?”

The blood drained from Sarah’s face. This couldn’t be the contact!

“Remain calm, Sarah. The color is” static “Cherry.”

What did he say? Crap! Why did she go to sleep when Lynne was putting it on her? Think!

“Ah, I think it is, ah, Chick Flick Cherry, or something like that.”

The smile vanished from the mother’s face. A gun appeared from inside the stroller. “That’s what I thought. So, if you’ll just hand over the goods, I’ll be on my way.”

What goods? “I’m sorry I don’t know what you are talking about and you’re scaring me with that gun.” All too true.

“Don’t play coy. You’ve got the color and the signature flower. Just give me the stuff and I’ll be going.”

“Tell her you have” static “car. Get her to” static “with you and” static “there.”

What did he say? “Ah, I didn’t know it was you. The stuff’s in the car.”

The gun motioned toward the parking lot. “I don’t know what game you’re playing but get moving.”

Sarah stood. God please help me! She could feel the cold steel nudge at her. “I'm not playing games. Just being cautious.”

The barrel pressed into the small of her back. "Walk"

"What about the baby?"

The only answer was another nudge from the gun. Mommy dearest left the stroller.

Kyle, where are you. Get me out of this.

Her car stood on one side of the lot by itself. Where were the cops hiding?

“Where is it?”

“Over there. I need to get out my keys.”

“One hand, slowly.”

Sarah reached into her pocket and pulled out the ring with the clicker, holding it up so the woman could see. She pressed the button.

A guy popped up from her trunk.

Sarah gasped.

An arm went around her neck and the barrel of the gun pressed a bruise behind her ear.

“You set me up!" The arm dragged her backward. "Back off or she gets it!”

“Right now you haven’t hurt anyone. Drop the gun and it will go easier.” Kyle’s voice came from behind.

“I’m taking her with me." Sarah was flung from one direction to the other. "Once I’m away I’ll leave her on the side of the road.”

Sarah couldn’t get enough breath. The arm about her neck pulled too tight.

“You know I can’t let you do that. Just put down the gun.”

The arm pulled tighter. Her earpiece dropped on the ground.

“Of course, you were wired.”

“Just put the gun down.” Kyle’s voice was fading.

Sarah felt the wooziness from lack of air. The cop in front of her became three. Her knees buckled but she never felt the ground.


Bethanie said...

hey you don't know me, but who's writing part 10? i've been eagerly reading this round robin story! it's great!. a little confusing at times, but i'm loving it!!!

Malia Spencer said...

fabulous job Jenny! Now let's hope ms. s will do part 10. ;)

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Bethanie, thanks for following along. I recognize your name from Girls Write Out. Confusing is what happens when 5 people write one story :) I'm actually surprised that it's even somewhat coherant.

Jenny, you sure you don't want to write suspense?

And "sleezy romance novel"? It wasn't one of mine, was it?

Which reminds me of an element we've forgotten: a writer gets her work trashed to her face. Hmm. That's gotta be in part 10. By the way, are we going to wrap this thing up in the next episode?

Jenny said...

One of your novels sleazy? No way, Jen. Titillating, perhaps but never sleazy:-)
I have no idea who is writing part 10 and as for me writing suspense--only with a lot of help from my friends (listen hard and you'll hear Ringo humming in the background).
Bethanie, I'm glad you dropped 'round. Nice to see a new name (started to say "face" but no pic;-) And Jen's right about the confusing part--we're just lucky that anyone can follow it but it has been a lot of fun.
So now, Ms. Malia, your job, should you choose to take it (Mission Impossible theme now playing in the background) is to convince Ms. S. she is needed and can do the job.
Thanks for stopping by, guys. I now return you back to your regularly scheduled posts while I return to writing grade cards:-)
Abundant blessings!

michael snyder said...

Man, you guys are good!

(Btw, Sonny called from his heavenly pasture and asked for his sleazy romance novel back. He said please. So...who's got it?

And I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, but he also said that no, ALL dogs DON'T go to heaven!)

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Ah, Mike, that's a bummer about the dog heaven thing. So I guess that means there will be no labs-who-chew serial killer?

Jenny, were you talking about that infamous laundry room scene of mine?

Jenny said...

Jen, what else?
Mike, you're bummin' me out, man!And tell Sonny, I just write the stuff. No idea where the sleazy novel is...oh, wait! My dog's got here. I'll send it ASAP:-)
Abundant blessings!