Saturday, March 11, 2006

Raining and Reigning

I awoke to a familiar sound this morning. It was one I knew but couldn’t place at first. Then, going deep into the recesses of my mind, I found a closet where sensory memories are kept, and dug into the back. Low and behold, I found the memory.


Rain tickled my senses and dripped down onto my skylight, pinging a rhythm that told me God still reigned, even over the driest deserts of my life.

Our valley has begged for precipitation now for over 140 days. God heard our prayers and told the clouds, heavy with needed moisture, not to pass us by this time. The clouds obeyed, breaking open with a welcome shower and soaking our parched ground.

I snuggled down into my warm covers. In my mind I sang thank yous to my Abba and danced in His rain.

One more time my Abba explained, in patience and in love, “All in My time, My child. All in My time.”

I really need to remember that.

Abundant blessings to desert dwellers everywhere!


Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm not big on that patience thing either. But the rain was wonderful. And cold! I'm loving looking out the window and seeing snow on the mountains. I'll have to remember that when it's 115!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Very well written post, Jenny. Lovely. Glad you guys got your rain...I'd have sent you some of our! We have flooding around here. Ugh!