Monday, May 29, 2006

At Last, the CCWC

In my last post I promised you all I'd tell you about my trip to the Colorado Christian Writers Conference (CCWC) . I thought I'd be quicker about the sharing but after the past week, this is good. As you can see, the vista was incredible--hardly any pollution (or oxygen, for that matter) but the view was quite lovely before I passed out;-)

My friend and mentor, Esther Bailey, thought this would be the perfect trip for us to do together and I agreed--still do but with a few reservations. We had an adventure with the shuttle service making our arrival time 11:30 p.m. The driver dropped us off and we checked in. As the man handed us our keys he said we could drive a couple blocks to the four-way stop. Go another block beyond and then turn left. That's where I explained we didn't drive. He shared a "short-cut" and wished us well. Esther and I (along with Monique, another writer who shared our shuttle adventure) started walking, pulling all our luggage behind--uphill. When we finally arrived at the door to our building, this is the sign that met us. I had to take a picture--I didn't think I'd believe it the next day without proof.

Fortunately things improved after that. I had so much fun seeing old friends, making new ones, learning, growing. I took James Scott Bell's continuing session and was lucky enough to get to sit around the lobby of Wind River one night and shoot the breeze with him, Nancy Rue, Angela Hunt, and Lisa Samson. I think I learned more that night about being an author and this crazy business than in any of the classes. It was fun, it was great, it was amazing.

Seems I've loaded my limit on pictures (and didn't even get to post the ones with me and Ted Dekker and Tammy Alexanderor several others--none to worry, I have plans:-). However, I have to say this has only whet my appetite for the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference (ACFW) in Dallas this September. More pictures to follow. In the meantime, wishing each one of you a day of rememberence and hope. Thank you to all who have stood in harm's way for us and Abundant Blessings one and all!

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Jennifer Tiszai said...

Conferences are so much fun. Hanging out with other writers is often worth the price of admission.

Glad the bears didn't get you. Though with Davy as your grandfather, I'm sure you'd know how to handle them. ;)

Malia Spencer said...

BEARS?! Remind me to send you Colleen's Alaska Twilight. You'll be glad you didn't read it until after the trip. LOL

I'm glad you had fun and the bears didn't get you. Can't wait to see you in September. :)

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Great new look, Jenny. Wish I could have been at the conference. The pictures are great.

D. Gudger said...

Hey Jenny, so glad to see you post on the CCWC!
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