Sunday, December 04, 2005

I've Been Tagged

I’ve Been Tagged

Okay, I’m not sure who started this but I blame Mike Snyder. Doesn’t have to be fair, I just blame him. And Jen Tiszai. I blame her, too. And now that I’ve been tagged, I’m passing it on. Here are my seven sevens. Enjoy! And be sure to go back and check the other blogs for their info, too.

Seven Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. Finish writing all the books in my head—and write them well.
2. See my daughters happily married to good and godly men and have children of their own—best revenge;-)
3. Play with my grandchildren (none of which exist yet)
4. Return to Ireland and really see it for more than 3 days.
5. Go to my grandfather’s home in Sweden
6. See more of London than just Heathrow and surrounding area
7. Tour Versailles

Seven Things I Cannot Do
This is hard. I really subscribe to I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. But if I think about what I can’t do without Him?—then there’s way more than 7. OK, I’ll come up with something.
1. Organize or Plan in a quick, methodical way
2. Make my loved ones surrender to Jesus
3. Lose weight and keep it off—this is really posturing. I know I can lose the weight if I put total focus on it and let the rest of my world fall apart
4. Go more than a day without some form of chocolate—again, I really could but it wouldn’t be pretty
5. Retire from teaching and work full-time writing
6. Stay away from my computer
7. Resist my husband

Seven Things That Attracted Me to My Husband
1. His blue eyes
2. His sense of humor
3. His intelliegence
4. His long legs
5. His compassion
6. How he makes me feel safe
7. Oh, yeah, and his kiss (OH, yeah)

Seven Things I Say Most Often
1. Knock it off
2. No kissing in Kindergarten
3. I’m never going to get this book finished!
4. Can’t type worth beans
5. lthtt –laughing too hard to type
6. what meeting?
7. Man, I have to cook again? Didn’t I just do that last week?

Seven Books I Love— Like Jen, this is besides the Bible. And I know I’m leaving out lots I really love but am too tired to think clearly at the moment. And these are only including books that have been published or I’d have to make the list longer.
1. Anything written by Liz Curtis Higgs
2. Randy Ingermanson’s City of God series
3. My Utmost for His Highest
4. Les Miserables--yep,I read the unabridged version but in English
5. Jane Austin books
6. Martha Grimes’ Richard Jury series
7. Anything written by Linda Windsor

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
1. Fools Rush In
2. Wonderworks version of A Little Princess
3. The Sting
4. The Philadelphia Story
5. Rear Window
6. It’s a Wonderful Life
7. Last of The Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis

Seven People I Want to Join In Too
1. Randy Ingermanson
2. Linda Windsor
3. Allison Bottke
4. Tiff Miller
5. Greg Williamson
6. Cheryl Wilford
7. Phil Cary

By the way, I do not plan to post more than once a week but this crept up on me. In the future, I want to continue to have a new post on Saturdays. Hope this brings a laugh.

Abundant blessings,


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Admit it, go ahead, you're really happy I tagged you. Can't wait to see what Phil has to say. And I'll never tell why you're laughing too hard to type.

Tiff/Amber Miller said...

Okay, so I never could pass up a good game of "tag." So, I created my own list on my blog. Come take a look!


michael snyder said...

Go ahead, blame me, I can take it (especially since it was such a cool list of lists!)