Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's All About Meme

It's meme time! I got tagged last week by my buddy Jen but had just put up the interview with Tricia so I'm keeping my promise to do the meme today. Here goes!

1. A friend who has blessed me: There are too many to name. I easily could name Jen and pay the favor back but I’ll pass it on and say my friend Lori.

2. An unexpected gift: My husband has been getting me technorized (new word—should be in Webster’s by 2008) as of late. The most recent gift is making my new laptop into a card-free wireless laptop—very cool!

3. A kind word shared with me recently: I received several compliments on the interview I did with Tricia Goyer. It was the first interview where I wrote up all the questions alone, and was rather nervous about doing so.

4. Something that makes me stop and praise God: Hugs from former students.

5. Something I'm looking forward to: Having fun in Dallas at ACFW.

6. A particular part of me I'm pleased with: At the moment, my toes—they are pretty and sparkly--oooh!

7. Something in my life that I wanted but never expected: Hope for the future.

8. A place that moved/moves me: Ireland—standing in the ruins of the place where my ancestors were married.

9. One thing/person that always makes me smile: Ditto on Jen, my kids (ditto on the hair-pulling part too—see, you’ll have to go read hers.)

10. Most recent "love note" from God: A new story idea—He whispers them every so often and I heard a new one just last night.

And so, now, I have kept my word and it is time for me to tag someone else. Who, who could I tag? Just to be ornery, although I highly doubt he'll do it, I tag my beloved hubby, Phil.

And to every one else, abundant blessings!


Malia Spencer said...

Ooo! A new story idea. Very cool Jenny. Can't wait to hear it.

Now you have another meme to do too. Jen and I both tagged you for it. :)

LB said...

AAAwwww! You bless me too!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Very cool! And I love how you added the pics. :)

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Boy, these memes are everywhere these days! Love how you referred to your story ideas as love notes from God. They are, aren't they? I've never thought of it that way before, but I may steal that phrase. ;)


Phil said...

Why do I get dragged into this???

Jenny said...

Malia, I think I'm meme'd out for a while. I only post once a week (at best) and no one wants two memes back to back. But I'll get around to it later...eventually.
LB, it's a mutual thing :-)
Jen, I had to add the pictures. I have a reputation to uphold ;-)
Alison, you are welcome to it. Consider it in public domaine.
And Phil, my dearest husband, I've had to drag you kicking and screaming into every good thing in your life--why not this? Now make it a good one! (love you, Honey!)

Abundant blessings,
Jenny Cary

Phyl said...

Loved the toes (ha)
Loved the pix of your girls ('scuse me) your women. Boy have they grown up!!! Saved it in with my pictures for screensaver!

Diana said...

Jenny those toes match your personality perfectly!

Jenny said...

Oh, Diana, you are too kind.
My daughter wanted to know why I took a picture of my ugly toes--I explained, "the nails are pretty." lol
Abundant blessings,