Monday, February 26, 2007

Here's the Answer

I thought I put something up that was too easy but I'm guessing it was the Internet that made it harder to see. No correct answers so I get the chocolate-Ha!

Last fall when Phil and I went to New York, most of the tourist type places were closed--Ticonderoga, Saratoga, Fort William Henry--but one place we could still get into inspite of the season. Fort Crown Point. I've included some of the other pictures from there for you. The "what is it?" picture is actually bedrock there where a couple centuries of water and snow and ice have come and gone leaving that design on the ground. I would have accepted rock or stone and probably should just give Jen the benefit of the doubt here since she came closest. So, Jen, I'll send you some chocolate. Thanks to everyone who left a comment and to my mom (whose birthday is really today and not tomorrow--I lost a day somewhere!) Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!
Abundant blessings!

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Jennifer said...

Ah, like I need any more chocolate. Besides, I guessed the wrong state. :)