Monday, December 21, 2009

I've Got Some Questions

Did you watch the Survivor finale?
Did you agree with the voting for "Sole Survivor"?
Did you listen closely to the questions asked of the three finalists?
Do you remember the three words Russell said described him in the real world? (honor, integrity, loyalty)
Can those words truly describe his character if he could put them on a shelf for a chance at $1,000,000?
What does that say about a society that thinks he should have won?
Will anyone ever trust him in business again?
What legacy does this leave for his children? (Honor, integrity and loyalty are great except when you want to win $1,000,000?)
Will he ever turn his reputation around? What will it take?

Am I thinking too much?
Should I have bothered to watch the show?
Does anyone really care?

1 comment:

Keith Sorenson said...

No Jenny it's not that people don't care, it's just they are too scared to speak up!