Saturday, July 07, 2007

Catching Up

This will be short though the news is big. Here are 2 links for you to check out.

First, my friend and fellow Misfit, Mike Snyder, has a great announcement on his blog. You can check it out here. I am so excited for him and hope you will check it out--this is big!

Second, a few of my writing friends and I began a rather special critique group a while back. I can honestly say that the story I'm currently working on is probably one of the best things I've ever written and it is because of the encouragement and feedback I've gotten from these friends. Well, now you can meet them and see for yourself. We've started a blog, The Misfits. We began with our Misfit Manifesto on Independence Day and have been posting ever since (I know, I'm slow). Anyway, check out the new blog and the Misfits individual blogs as well. Good stuff.

Have a great weekend full of abundant blessings!

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