Saturday, July 28, 2007

To All the Dogs I've Loved Before

I'm a dog lover. Okay, so I like cats, too, but, for their own safety, I do not own any while I live in the same house with my husband. (Don't boo and hiss--he has to have at least one flaw!)
Anyway, a few years ago I was on the couch, supposedly working on a Bible study, when our pug jumped up on the couch (where he knew he wasn't allowed) and cuddled up in my lap. Our Puglsey was a rescue dog who still bore the scars from someone trying to burn him. But he was the sweetest, cuddliest dog we'd ever owned and it got me to thinking. When I curl up in my Abba's lap and cuddle, does He see my scars? Does He stroke my head like I did Pugsley's that day?
Since then I've looked differently at my canine friends and I've received a few life lessons in the process.
Jack could just tell when I was sad and liked to rest next to me.
K.D. was sure she she was human.
Daisy's curiousity has gotten her (and me) into some fixes.
Mack had to be taught how to play.
Shelby could look at anther dog and see what it needed--usually a fun romp.
Vern E. Lou is sure she's a princess.
Chandler had to learn that the freedom of a walk was better on a leash.
Howie knew when to bury the bones and the best time to dig them up and deal with them.
Chuck knew how to welcome company with a smile.
Molly prefered no pictures but never let a little thing like a missing leg slow her down.
Sonny kept watch over the house on his nightly patrols.
Muncher stood guard over my baby brother's crib.
Brutus only looked scary but was loveable.

I wish I had pictures of them all. Not all belong to my family. All have a place in my heart for their loving presence. Some have passed away and some are still with us. All made an impression. So, since I have so much time on my hands (not) here's a little tribute to one of God's best creations.

Abundant blessings!

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Heather said...

Princess Vern? Oy vey.